Community Living BC and the BC Ministry of Health are committed to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities as they age. We are working to make sure that individuals with developmental disabilities can access high-quality primary care family physicians in their communities, and receive the same attention and care to support healthy aging as other people.

Be aware of the signs of aging, and of the unique care needs of individuals aging with developmental disabilities.
Share concerns about age-related changes in health, and seek improved communication between individuals, families, caregivers and family physicians.
Take care of yourself, and work with family physicians to ensure every individual receives the best possible care.

CLBC is the organization responsible for providing disability-related services and supports to individuals living with the label of developmental disability and their families.

This website, which is a result of Ministry of Health and Community Living BC’s Strategy on Aging, has been developed to support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, caregivers, and care team through the aging process and ensure the best possible health care. The tools and resources on this website are to assist all members of the care team to help individuals with developmental disabilities receive the care they need to stay healthy.

There are two sections to this website, one for individuals, families, and caregivers, and one for family physicians. Family physicians may not be aware of this website. You should feel good about telling your family physician about these resources.


Family physicians help with age-related health concerns like changes in hearing or eyesight, decreased strength and energy, changes in memory or increased difficulty in getting around at home or in community.

Healthy Aging in Community

As a result of the de‐institutionalization of people into community living environments over 25 years ago, we now have, for the first time, a growing population of individuals with developmental disabilities who are aging in community. Understanding and providing what they need to age with safety and dignity in community is not something we as organizations or a broader community have done before. (Aging Strategy, CLBC, 2012).

Caregivers may be family, friends, or paid supports who are providing day-to-day care for an individual.

The care team will include the individual and whomever they choose or are supported to choose from their family, friends, caregivers, and support networks. The care team includes the family physician or nurse practitioner. For the purpose of this website, the term family physician will be used.

About Community Living BC

Community Living BC (CLBC) is a provincial crown agency, mandated under the Community Living Authority Act that funds supports and services for adults with developmental disabilities and their families in British Columbia. We use the term individuals who are aging to refer to people with developmental disabilities who are eligible for Community Living BC (CLBC) services and are aged 55 or over. On occasion, this may also include people under age 55 who experience early onset of aging related challenges.

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